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ABOX Hero 1 Deep Tissue Massage Gun

ABOX Hero 1 Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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Based on the ABOX Hero 1 version, hit deeper tissues more effectively but is quieter. The maximum speed can reach 3200 rpm, which activates a 14mm muscle group in 30 seconds and relieves pain in 2 minutes.
(Quiet Operation) Equipped with high-torque brushless motor & dual bearing design, also built-in AI mute chip, makes ABOX Hero 1 massage gun mighty and forceful, yet almost silent, reduces noise to 38-42dB, you can enjoy your massage therapy even while watching tv
(Scientific & Customized Therapy) ABOX offers 30 power and speed settings to meet diverse needs, from professional athletes to the general population. 6 replaceable massage heads can accurately correspond to each muscle group. With a unique timing function, target your muscle group for 2 minutes to decrease post-workout soreness to avoid accidental injuries
(Durability of 10H) High-quality 2600mAh batteries with international UL certification, safer and more durable. Charge once, lasting over one month(15 mins/day). Take it on the go, relieves body soreness from travel and jetlag.


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