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Activated Carbon Dust Sport Mask with Exhalation Valves

Activated Carbon Dust Sport Mask with Exhalation Valves

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The Activated Carbon Dust Sport Mask with Exhalation Valves gives users the cleanest breathing experience. The super soft textured material allows for maximum comfort during outdoor activities! With a carbon filter system, the exhalation valves prevent any dust particles from going through and they are easily replacable! The mask is one size fits all, with an adjustable velcro strap and nose piece.
BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE air being inhaled passes through a filter to eliminate inhaled dust particles and maximize comfort with clean air intake.
SOFT TEXTURED MATERIAL lightweight, resiliently stretchable material makes for comfort in hot climates. Also conforms easily to varying facial structures.
EASILY ADJUSTABLE adjustable nose clip allows for easy adjustments to prevent airflow and dust to pass through. Velcro strap makes it suitable for all sizes.
MULTIPURPOSE USE Great for outdoor use! Whether that is running, cycling, mowing, sanitizing, etc. the sport mask is excellent in any outdoor environment.
REUSABLE AND REPLACEABLE exhalation valves and carbon filters are easily replaceable. Easy filter replacements ensure cleaner breathing to prevent industrial admissions, dust particles, lawn clippings, etc.


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