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Beautyrest Luxury Quilted Weighted Blanket - 12lbs

Beautyrest Luxury Quilted Weighted Blanket - 12lbs

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FEATURES - Stay relaxed and sleep soundly with the Blanket. Designed for adults or those with a minimum body weight of 120lbs, this weighted blanket distributes pressure on your body, touching pressure points to make you feel secure and relaxed.

INNOVATIVE FIBER-AND-BEADS FILLING: Unlike most weighted blankets with 100% beads filling, we are not willing to compensate comfort and warmth. We adopted micro-glass beads that are finer and more soundless than traditional glass beads, and mixed millions of beads with soft and puffy cotton-like poly filling. This mixed filling will provide extra cushioning and softness just like a normal comforter, it also provides better temperature control so you are ensured with warmth.

FUNCTION MEETS FASHION: The entire blanket is quilted into small compartments where the fillings are fixed in place, so you can move freely and still get even distribution of weight. The quilted poly layer holding the filling is glue-less and chemical free, the fabric itself is dense so no filling will leak. The mink cover that comes with the blanket is available in grey, navy, and ivory; the diamond quilted detailing on the cover offers a modern contemporary update to your bedroom. The weighted blanket is offered in 12lbs and 18lbs, we recommend choosing one that’s more close to 10% of your body weight.

REMOVABLE COVERS AND CORNER TIES: Every blanket comes with one ultra-soft, hypoallergenic zipper closure mink cover. This cover is the extra step we take for enhanced cushioning, temperature regulation, and a premium hand-feel. Easily removable and washable, this cover saves you from washing the heavy blanket. Each blanket also comes with 10 ties around the edge to fix it in place with any cover you use; this tie design eliminates shuffling and reduces noise. You can swap on any fashionable blanket covers that you have, and enjoy being hugged year round. How about that cooling cover for summer and your fav duvet cover from your loved ones for special days?


Colour - Ivory


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