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FIT KING Foot Circulation Machine

FIT KING Foot Circulation Machine

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3-IN-1 FOOT CIRCULATION MACHINE- The FIT KING foot circulation machine has advanced Electrical Muscles Stimulator (EMS) & TENS technology to stimulate feet and help bring oxygen-rich blood to the legs and feet, and it also has kneading and heating functions to massage foot, relax stiffness muscles and nerves.
FDA CLEARED MEDICAL DEVICE- The professional foot circulation machine is a FDA cleared class II device, safe and reliable, can be used at home and in hospitals, to help improve pain symptoms caused by poor blood circulation to the lower extremities. It has 2 channels, SOLE PADs for feet and legs, reduce swelling foot and aching ankles, help with Cramps and RLS, and ELECTRODE PADs for other body parts like neck, back, arms, thigh... stimulates the muscles and reduce stiffness and soreness.
10 MODES & 99 INTENSITY LEVELS- Each channel has 10 waveform modes and 99 intensity levels to choose from, and they can work at the same time or separately, you can set as mild or more intense as you are comfortable with for different areas, totally customized for particular needs. Besides, you can control your own treatment time from 1 minutes to 30 minutes.
OPTIONAL KNEADING & HEAT FOOT MASSAGE- There is a foot massage module at the sole of the foot, 3+3 active stone nodes rotating to massage your foot with heat, relax and keep your feet warm, very helpful for plantar fasciitis. This function is optional, you can turn it on or off anytime.
REMOTE CONTROL FOR EASY USING- The foot circulation machine comes with a remote control and LCD screen, to provide a more convenient environment for people with reduced mobility. And it's with open and large sole pads, fit different people to use, your whole family can enjoy this drug-free foot circulation and massage machine.


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